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5th ANNIVERSARY BRINGS TWO NEW PRODUCTS – Click here for full press release

Five years of the Golden Goodness and counting!  Uncle Jim’s Foods celebrates their fifth year in business by announcing new products.  Uncle Jim’s Foods was founded in 2009 after rave reviews and high demand for Uncle Jim’s Pepper Mustard, the flagship of the fast-growing enterprise.  Finally, at the urging of fans aptly named “MustardHeads,” owner and founder Jim Scher, took the plunge into a crowded barbecue sauce market.

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Uncle Jim’s released two new products – Uncle Jim’s Classic Barbeque Sauce and Uncle Jim’s Wild Habanero Barbeque Sauce.  Both are based on the popular Uncle Jim’s Pepper Mustards with two levels of spiciness in a St. Louis style sauce.  “According to the National Specialty Foods Association, ‘mustard is hot’” comments Scher.  “Mustard is the largest growing segment in specialty foods.  Now we’re building on that by adding a new kick!”

“We starting making a recipe called Barbequed Kielbasa at shows and events to sample the Golden Goodness to our MustardHead fans,” explains Scher.  “Everyone loved it so much that to celebrate 5 years, we decided to give them what they wanted – barbeque sauce with a little pepper-nality!”  We are incredibly grateful to our MustardHeads around the world,” says Scher.  “We can’t wait to see what happens in the next five years!”

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