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What exactly IS Uncle Jim’s Pepper Mustard?

Well, it’s not JUST a condiment. It’s somewhere between a dip and a spread, with extreme sauce capability as well. It’s sweet and tangy with a kick. It’s thick, too. You don’t pour Uncle Jim’s…you SPREAD it! It’s HOT, but not TOO hot…it has FLAVOR…it won’t destroy your taste buds, but it may addict them. So look – take your favorite cheese, cracker, pretzel, bratwurst, hot dog, hamburger or other “dip-able” food and either DIP IT or LATHER on some Uncle Jim’s Pepper Mustard. The ORIGINAL version features Hungarian Wax Peppers and for those who want a bit more heat (without sacrificing the flavor) try the Habanero version. Want something a little different, our revamped Wasabi is now gluten free!  They are all FRICKIN’ AWESOME! It’s VERSATILE too! Add a tablespoon or two to your favorite recipe, marinade, or rub to really kick up the flavor. Check out our RECIPES for some flavorful ideas.

Uncle Jim’s Pepper Mustard is now available in 3 flavors: Original, Habanero, and new Gluten-Free Wasabi.  Sweet and tangy with a kick!  Not sure which to get?  Try our all three and receive a discount in Uncle Jim’s Sampler Pack.  Want to save even more money? Mix and match any of our mustards in a handy dandy Pick Six Pack or 12-Pack Case and get more for less! For extreme MustardHeads, pick up the Grandaddy of all Pepper Mustards…The Gallon!  Don’t forget to get your Uncle Jim’s Smokin’ Hot Tee for only $5 with ANY order!  What are you waiting for?  Life’s too short…Open the Jar!

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